Blending brushes

More fun with the new blending brushes!

Hi everyone! Thought I’d share my recent creations with the blending brushes! I had a go at creating a whole background using different coloured inks. This was quite fun, and I think you could do a lot of different effects this way. But I must say my favourite way to use the brushes is to create a soft background in just one area on the card. I just love how it looks!!

I think I got a bit carried away?! Well, I say if you’re enjoying what you’re creating, then go for it!

Well I think these cards are just adorable and I loved creating them! I really love the blending brushes, and it’s amazing how different the cards can look just by switching up the ink colours, and you can have control on how deep of a colour you go. You can totally build up the intensity of a colour! I do prefer the soft, subtle tones! How about you?

I hope I have inspired you today, and if you haven’t already purchased the blending brushes then what are you waiting for? Head on over to my online store now!

Happy stamping guys!

love Jane x

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